Electronic sale

How an electronic sale works

Internet sales allow you to make an offer directly from the vehicle datasheet.
The sales are dedicated exclusively to professionals.

Depending on the sale, there are 4 ways to submit an offer

the placing of bids

Classic auction system in steps of 50€.

The maximum offer

Specify your maximum price. The system will bid for you if necessary, within the limit you specified.

the immediate purchase

auction system but with the option to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price, it is then removed from the sale.

The fixed price

There is no bid, instead a price is displayed, you click once and the vehicle is yours.


  • picto ventes réservées aux professionnels sales reserved for auto professionals
  • picto vente par jour 4 sales per day on average
  • picto choix a wide choice updated daily
  • picto accessible accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  • picto possibilité the capability to study the product upstream
  • picto catalogue catalogue of 2,500 vehicles on average per week

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