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VPauto PRO

Why should I buy my vehicles with VPauto PRO?

VPauto is the first French vehicle auction operator. Beyond the very competitive prices, with an average of 2,500 vehicles presented each week you are guaranteed a continual wide range of vehicles of all makes, all types (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, for repair or not) and in all price ranges. The frequency is sales is also an advantage for you: an average of 4 electronic sales every day (with opportunities for immediate purchases) and 1 public sale every week. This guarantees that you can quickly find the product you're looking for.

Before the sale

> How do I register for VPauto PRO sales?

To participate in our electronic and public sales you must have a VPauto PRO business account.
To register and receive your password, simply fill in the registration form available on: Registration page . A sales adviser will call you as soon as possible to confirm your registration.

> What documents do I need to be able to register?

VPauto PRO electronic sales are exclusively reserved for automotive professionals. This is why during the registration phase we ask you to provide a Kbis (company registration), a VAT number and the national identity document of the manager.

> I can't sign in, who can I contact?

Your primary contact to assist you in your purchases is your sales representative. If necessary, they will help you in the use of electronic sales platform. If you do not know who that is, you can call +33 2 52 48 00 65.

> I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click on "forgotten password". The password will be sent to you automatically in a few seconds.

> Can we find out the vehicle history?

The vehicles presented come from long-term rentals, credit companies, car manufacturers, short-term rental companies and dealer networks. The vehicle history is completely known. It is not indicated on the vehicle data sheet but you can find it on the seller's auction certificate.

> How is the starting price set?

The starting price is based on the vehicle rating in the market, its price when new, its condition and its mileage. This varies from one vehicle to another.

During the sale

> Why can I not make an offer?

There may be several reasons:
- Your account has not been validated by your sales representative, so you should contact them
- Use of the sales platform has not yet been activated
- There's a delay in one of your payments. Please remember that you have 48 hours to settle, by bank transfer, the vehicles awarded in a sale.

> How do the sales work?

Once your registration is confirmed by your local sales adviser, you can access all sales formats (auctions, LIVE and electronic sales). For electronic sales, you just have to sign on at vpauto.eu/pro and click on one of the proposed sales or search for a vehicle in the search engine.

Each vehicle has a descriptive data sheet that includes everything you need to make your decision (vehicle details, location, photos, starting price).

Our system offers 4 ways to make your offers depending on the sales:
- Making bids (in steps of € 50).
- By setting your maximum price (you specify your maximum price limit. The system will bid for you if necessary, within the limit you specified. If you set a max bid the price displayed will immediately be the reserve price, the displayed price will therefore increase by more than € 50 in one jump if your max bid is more than € 50 away from the reserve price.).
- Immediate purchase (auction system but with the option to purchase the vehicle immediately at a set price, it is then removed from the sale).
- Fixed price (There is no bid, there is a displayed price, you click once and it's yours).

The offers are inclusive of all charges.

The operation of our sales is shown in a video > watch the video

> What is the supplementary minute exclusively on the electronic sales?

The supplementary minute gives everyone a chance. The clock will wait until there has been no bid within 60 seconds of the last bid.

> What sales charges are applied to our electronic sales?

Prices shown include sales charges.
If you export your vehicles inside the EEC or outside the EEC reclaiming the VAT, add € 35 exc. VAT or € 42 inc. VAT supplementary handling fee per vehicle.

> And the VAT?

On the vehicle description page you will see stated VAT: yes / VAT: no (Value Added Tax).
VAT yes: if it is intended for export, the vehicle will be invoiced excluding VAT.
VAT no: you will invoiced for the vehicle including VAT, VAT is already included in the price (declared TTC in France).

> How do I track my offer on a vehicle during an exclusive electronic sale?

A colour code is used for you to track the status of your bid:

Orange background: you are the highest bidder but the minimum price (seller's price) has not been reached. At the end of the sale, the seller will be informed of your offer. Your sales adviser will then inform you of the result of this offer.

Red background: you are not the highest bidder.

Green background: your offer is the best and the minimum price has been reached. At the end of the sale, you will receive an email confirmation of purchase.

The operation of our sales is shown in a video > watch the video

After the sale

> What happens when a sale is over?

You receive an email informing you of the status of your bid:
- Your bid finished GREEN: you won the car, a confirmation email will be sent to you at the end of the sale
- Your bid finished RED: you have not won the vehicle
- Your bid finished ORANGE: your offer is too low (has not reached the reserve price). In this case, your sales adviser is responsible for passing your offer to the seller. You will be notified of their response within 48 hours.

> I won the car. What do I do now?

1. Your invoice will be available in your account within 48 hours of the close of the sale. my orders.

2. Pay the purchases within 48 hours by bank transfer.

3. A certificate is to be completed if,
- you are a foreign client, an intra-Community supply certificate is sent to us at [email protected]. It can be downloaded from my orders.
- You are a French export client. You will have to provide a VAT exemption certificate.

4. Upon receipt of the completed documents and your payment (within 48 hours), a removal order will be added in your account at my orders within 5 working days.

> How and when do I pay for the car?

Payment must be made by bank transfer within 48 hours of the award.

> What is a removal order?

A removal order is a document issued by us, certifying that you have paid for the vehicle and allowing you to pick it up. This is mandatory for removal of a car. It contains practical information to recover the vehicle (address of the storage location, recovery procedure).

> When can I get the car?

A vehicle may be removed by the carrier from the storage location only if they have a removal order and after calling the storage location to find out the removal conditions. This voucher is issued by us and you will find it in your account in the "my orders" area. It specifies the removal procedures which are specific to each storage location

> When will I receive the papers of my car?

Vehicle destined for the French market: all the vehicle documents will be sent upon receipt of your payment.
Vehicle for export: all the vehicle documents will be sent upon receipt of your payment and the consignment note (CMR) completed (signed, stamped and dated). The CMR is available under my orders.

> Can I receive the papers for my car somewhere other than the billing address?

No, the documents are sent only to the billing address.

> What if I want to cancel my purchase?

You are taking part in an auction. The award represents a sales contract and entails the transfer of ownership. From the moment the award is pronounced no modification can be made to the contract. Please remember the profit of the sale is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party without the express prior agreement of the Seller.


Award: The term "adjugé" (awarded or sold) marks the end of the auction and transfer of ownership of the lot to the highest bidder.

Reserve price: The reserve price is the seller's minimum price.

Starting price: Starting point for the bids.

Estimate: Determination of a price range for the vehicle's value after appraisal. It is the amount that the lot should reach at auction in the opinion of the auctioneer.

Purchase order: Mandate issued by the payer of the order to the Sales Company in order to purchase on their behalf under the best conditions if they cannot attend the sale. A form must be completed for this purpose.

CMR: The land transport document, CMR consignment note, not only certifies the reception of goods in good condition, but also of the shipment from the moment the carrier has signs it.

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