Learn about How we ensure the transparency of your future vehicles

a rigorous check of each vehicle

To help you choose your new vehicle in complete confidence, VPauto implements very rigorous check up processes and inspections, some of which are exclusive and patented.

Are you interested in a vehicle?

inspection vente publique

presented at auction or live

You have:

  • Standardised HD photos
  • A bodywork blow-up
  • A test drive performed on each vehicle
  • An Expert Report with 185 quality check points performed on test benches and ramp
  • A Technical Check up for vehicles over 4 years old
  • A service history for most vehicles
  • Additional comments (double key, service log, mechanical observations ...)
inspection vente electronique

present at an electronic sale

You have:

  • An aesthetic inspection of the exterior and interior condition carried out by independent experts
  • 3 standard pictures + photos of details + additional photos (spare key, service log, mechanical observations ...)
  • Comments (COC, driving school ...)

For the majority you also have:

  • A mechanical inspection
  • A technical check up
  • Service log
  • Service history

Origin of the vehicles