Auction How does it work?

Operation of an auction

The auction is simple: a seller, a buyer and an auctioneer. The vehicles are paraded on a podium, just raise your hand to bid. Professionals and private individuals have access.

conduct of an auction

  • 1 Exhibition of the vehicles on the day before the sale
  • 2 The auction is led by an auctioneer.
  • 3 On the day of the sale, the vehicles are displayed on a podium where they are presented and given a starting price.
  • 4 The bidders raise their hands. The last bid announced closes the sale of the lot
  • 5 Once the vehicle is awarded and after having paid, we give you the keys and the vehicle documents
vente salle Audi R8


picto vehicules testés

Vehicles tested and checked

picto accès aux véhicules

Access to the vehicles

picto prix

Prices shown include sales charges.

picto garantie

3 months warranty* for your customers

picto disponibilité

Immediate availability

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Live sale

*Depending on the type of vehicle