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A company with a strong corporate culture centred on valuing people as individuals

With a workforce of more than 100 employed at its auction centres in France and various other European countries, what distinguishes and sets VPauto apart are its strong agility and its business processes, which are comparable to those of the most dynamic startups.

The company is founded on a strong corporate culture resulting from over 30 years in business and benefits from the advantages of having both a solid organisation and a structured approach to its core specialist areas.

New employees enjoy the advantages of a several-day long induction process together with the possibility for personal development that the company's pleasant working conditions and dynamic working environment provide.

A hands-on approach to management

VPauto has implemented a hands-on approach to management to ensure each team is supported as best as possible in carrying out its daily operational tasks. At VPauto, managers are usually recruited from the very teams they end up leading. They therefore perfectly understand the technical processes and everyday challenges involved.

This close connection facilitates communication and improves decision making.

The company's senior management

VPauto was first founded in 1982 by François-Laurent Guignard, the company's president. Current Managing Director Pierre Guignard has been at the reins since 2019.

In July 2019, the CAT GROUP acquired a stake in VPauto.


VPauto is a dynamic and growing company that recruits on a regular basis. For us, interpersonal skills count as much as know-how and expertise, and the types of people we seek are committed individuals with the ability to work in a team.
Skilled and knowledgeable about motor vehicles or IT, or simply passionate about motor vehicles?
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