faq Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer services are at your disposal by phone, email and chat to answer your questions.

We recommend you consult the below FAQ and their answers:


> What guarantees do I have when buying at the auction?

There are several types of guarantee:

Legal : All the vehicles presented are subject to a request for administrative status (verification of proof of registration or conflict).

Mechanical : a vehicle auctioned as part of a voluntary sale is subject to the current laws as in any transaction (between individuals, professional to individual). In addition, vehicles less than 6 months old and less than 150,000 km on the clock have a 3 month Premium warranty offered by VPauto.

Manufacturer guarantees : some vehicles are still under manufacturer's warranty; it is announced on the exhibition leaflets and in the vehicle details on the website. Other vehicles may be eligible under this warranty, please check with a sales representative.

technical check up

> Do all vehicles have a technical check up?

The vehicles presented in sales all have a check up performed by an independent technician. VPauto has two types of check up:

- The traditional technical check up for all vehicles over four years old. This check up is complemented by a test drive performed by a professional.

- The "Expert Report" (exclusive to VPauto) for other vehicles: this is a very thorough checklist of 185 points for vehicles under 4 years old, combined with a test drive. Verification of mechanical components such as the operation of the clutch, gearbox and comfort equipment (electric windows, ventilation, heating, air conditioning ... ) is made by independent technicians.


> How is the starting price set?

The starting price is based on the vehicle rating in the market, its price when new, its condition and its mileage. This varies from one vehicle to another.

> What is the specified rating?

The displayed rating is calculated "pro rata", which means from the first accurate circulation date of the vehicles. For vehicles less than a year old the rating is estimated.

> How do I calculate the final price paid?

When you place an order to buy or bid via our site, the amount of your bid is displayed included sales fees. A handling fee of € 150 inc. VAT is charged in addition.

before the sale

> Can cars be purchased before the sale?

No, VPauto is mandated by a seller to sell the vehicle on their behalf at auction. The vehicle cannot be sold before being presented.

> Can we find out the vehicle history?

The vehicles presented come from long-term rental (24-36 months), credit companies, auto manufacturers, fleet owners and various owners. The vehicle history is completely known.

> What documents are needed in order to bid?

To place bids on auction day, you must bring an identity document with you (identity card or passport).
Upon award, you will be requested for a cheque or a deposit by credit card (of between € 500 and € 1000) and a credit voucher issued by your bank, not older than two days, covering the amount of the transaction (stamped, dated and signed by the bank as proof).

Please consult the general conditions of sale to know the exact terms of sale.

online bids

> I cannot be there on the day of the sale: can I submit a purchase order?

Of course, if you wish to participate in the auction without attending you can simply issue a purchase order. We will take your bid on your behalf on the day of the sale.

To learn how to issue a purchase order on vpauto.fr

> How do I make an online offer?

A purchase order allows you to bid remotely while keeping to your budget.

To submit a purchase order and participate in online auctions, you must have an account on vpauto.fr (create an account). Once signed on, go to the datasheet of the vehicle on which you want to bid.

Specify the maximum price you set for yourself and then click on "issue the purchase order". To validate your purchase order, we will ask you your full contact information (including banking details).

Of course you can place bids on multiple vehicles: to do that, after your first purchase order simply select the next vehicle of your choice. You will thus have more chances to win a vehicle during the sale.
The number of vehicles you want to win at the sale will be applied automatically (1 of 5, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.).

> If I can't attend, can I participate in the sale online?

Yes, through VPauto Live. This feature, accessible through the internet on all types of screens, offers you the opportunity to participate in live auctions without travelling. With Live you can place your bids at the same time as the sales room.
The procedure for registration and payment are the same as those for the purchase order.

> What are the advantages to making an online bid or purchase order?

Whether you place a purchase order or issue a Live bid, VPauto guarantees transparency, convenience and security.

Making a purchase order or a Live bid is very fast. You can send your order or your bid in less than five minutes from any internet-connected computer, anywhere.
Online payment is managed via a secure site, so there is no risk to you.

> And if I can't buy, how do I cancel a purchase order via the website?

Any purchase order can be cancelled up until midnight on the eve of the sale. In this case, the transaction is cancelled and you pay nothing.
After this time, please contact our call centre on 02 97 76 62 00.

after the sale

> Can I withdraw after winning a lot?

The transfer of ownership is effective once the award is made, no withdrawal is therefore possible.

> How much time do I have to pay for my vehicle?

Payment for the vehicle must be carried out within two days.

> How much time do I have to remove my vehicle?

The delivery and collection of the vehicle will only take place once full payment has been made. All vehicles must be removed no later than 14 days after the auction. After this period, it will be charged €12.50 excluding tax, or €15 including tax, per calendar day. No removal will be possible without payment of these guarding costs. The provision of the property will be made only by appointment at least 48 hours before the D-Day. In the event of removal by road, the buyer must imperatively present his driving license and his insurance certificate. The custody of the vehicle does not in any way engage the responsibility of VPauto. It is recalled here that the successful bidder must ensure this as soon as the auction is pronounced.