VPauto general conditions of sale

VPauto SAS is the operator of voluntary sales reported to the Council of Voluntary Sales; it organises the sale of lots sold on a voluntary basis, as well as the logistics.
Maîtres GUIGNARD, LE DORTZ and VEYRAC, licensed auctioneers, arrange the sale of lots sold on a voluntary basis.

For there to be a sale, the word "adjugé" (sold) must be pronounced. In this case, the last and highest bidder will be the buyer. In case of dispute at the auction, i.e. if it is determined that two or more bidders simultaneously make the same bid for lot, either aloud or by signs or by internet and, after pronouncement of the word "sold", said lot will immediately be relisted at the price offered by the bidders and all the audience will be allowed to bid again.

For judicial sales, once the award is pronounced, the purchases are the sole responsibility of the winning bidder. It is for the awardees to insure their lots once awarded. It is advisable that buyers remove their lots as soon as possible to avoid the costs of handling and guarding for which they are responsible. The auctioneer can for no reason assume liability for the stockage.

auction participation

After an award in the auction room, the successful bidder must submit to VPauto staff:

- For individuals: an original Kbis (company registration document), a valid ID document of the manager (CNI / Passport), and a means of payment (cheque, credit card).

- For companies: an original Kbis (company registration document), (CNI / Passport), and a means of payment (cheque, credit card). In the absence of the manager, a proxy signed by them.

selling price

The auction includes the sales charge.
Administrative costs of €125 excluding tax, or €150 including tax, are invoiced in addition.

Judicial sales: judicial sale fees of 14.28% (the legal rate) are included in the sale price.
The technical check up or Expert Report fees are charged extra (*).


Certain vehicles contain the wording "VAT": YES. VAT at the rate of 20% is included in the sale price and an invoice stating the VAT will be provided.

For the other vehicles, no VAT documents will be issued

online purchase order

A purchase order issued via the website enables VPauto to represent them on the day of the sale. VPauto will bid on behalf of the Buyer on the lot(s) they have selected.

It can be issued via the website right up to the day of the vehicle's sale and the time of its passing.

It cannot be cancelled on the site after midnight of the day before the sale.

This purchase order includes the amounts of the offers, the number of vehicles desired as well as the information necessary for the delivery of the lot to the Buyer: their name and address. These details are necessary to produce the sales certificate.

The lump sum of € 500 per vehicle is retained; it acts as a deposit for the vehicle(s) desired(s) mentioned in the purchase order.

1st case, winning offer :

If awarded the vehicle, a deposit of € 500 is debited after the sale, and is deducted from the total amount (fees included) to be paid before delivery.

2nd case, offer outbid :

No debit will be made and the transaction is annulled.

Under no circumstances will the sum of €500 be refunded, and for any reason whatsoever: customer error, misuse of the site's functionalities, misuse of the credit card, absence or misreading of the terms and conditions of sale, absence or misreading of the technical and/or administrative elements of the vehicle purchased.
This amount will be used to cover VP AUTO's costs for selling, cancellation and vehicle representation fees.

live bid

Any bid issued via the VPauto.fr website commits the bidder. If the bid wins the auction they become the new owner. The transfer of ownership is then irrevocable.

1st case, winning offer :

If awarded the vehicle, a deposit of € 500 is debited after the sale, and is deducted from the total amount (fees included) to be paid before delivery.

2nd case, offer outbid :

No debit will be made and the transaction is annulled.



- Either a "normal" cheque accompanied by a proof of solvency issued by your bank, dated less than 3 days ago, covering the amount of the transaction: stamp, date and signature of the approving bank.
- Either a bank cheque
- Or by credit card: Subject to the payment limit authorised by your bank.

Only payments by bank transfer will be accepted. Vehicle delivery by appointment only, upon receipt of full payment.

Cash payments are not accepted.

We reserve the right to not deliver the vehicle until full payment has been made.

(*) For judicial sales, only payment by bank transfer or cheque will be accepted.

Payment for the vehicle absolutely must be made within 48 hours by transfer exclusively from the buyer's bank account, as indicated on the invoice issued by VPauto.

Provision, collection of vehicles

The delivery and collection of the vehicle will only take place once full payment has been made. All vehicles must be removed no later than 14 days after the auction. After this period, it will be charged €12.50 excluding tax, or €15 including tax, per calendar day. No removal will be possible without payment of these guarding costs. The provision of the property will be made only by appointment at least 48 hours before the D-Day. In the event of removal by road, the buyer must imperatively present his driving license and his insurance certificate. The custody of the vehicle does not in any way engage the responsibility of VPauto. It is recalled here that the successful bidder must ensure this as soon as the auction is pronounced.

Delivery of the grey card

If the old gray card (registration document) is not received upon removal of the vehicle, it will automatically be sent by mail within three weeks (to the address on the invoice).

Imported original vehicles

These vehicles are not registered in France at the time of their sale and are sold with a Certificate of Conformity (COC) and their original registration certificate.

These vehicles cannot be removed by road without prior registration with the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS).

The following documents will be required to obtain a registration certificate:

- Form "Application for vehicle registration certificate" (Cerfa No. 13750*07)
- For individuals or sole proprietors:
1/ Valid proof of identity
2/ Proof of address
3/ Proof of a driving license corresponding to the category of the vehicle in question
- For legal entities:
- Industrial and commercial or civil-type legal entities: Extract K bis or L bis from the Trade and Companies Register, issued within the last two years or from a legal notices journal dated within the last two years.
- Legal entities with legal personality (associations, unions, professional civil societies): Articles of incorporation or any other document proving their legal existence, including the name of the responsible person and the organization's address, as well as evidence of their declaration to a prefecture or sub-prefecture or recognition by an administration, court, or professional body.
- For all applicants:
- The original registration certificate, or if it has been withdrawn by the administrative authorities of the country of origin, either an official document proving ownership of the vehicle's origin or certifying the withdrawal of the registration certificate, or a valid International Automobile Certificate issued by those authorities.
- The transfer certificate or an invoice issued by the seller.
- Proof of a technical inspection for vehicles subject to this requirement based on their age and category.
- A tax certificate for vehicles originating from a European Union member state, except for agricultural or forestry vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers.
- An 846 A customs clearance certificate issued by customs services for vehicles originating from a third country outside the European Union.
- In the absence of a registration certificate complying with the provisions of Directive 1999/37/EC: a Certificate of Conformity to the community type or a vehicle identification certificate issued either by the manufacturer or its representative in France, or by the DREAL, or an individual acceptance report issued by the DREAL.

VPAuto offers an import vehicle registration service, for the price of €140 including tax, excluding the cost of the registration certificate and any technical inspection costs and repair costs necessary to obtain a favorable technical inspection report.

This service is mandatory for all vehicles:

Purchased by an individual or self-employed person, and intended to drive in France
And / Or
Of which the buyer wishes to take delivery by collection by road.

The estimated time for sending the new registration certificate is 48 hours after submission of the complete file to ANTS by VPAuto. Submitting the complete file to ANTS is conditional on full payment of the vehicle and related costs.


Persons looking to buy a vehicle for export should contact our sales department before before bidding:

1. To learn whether or not their purchase may be exempt from VAT.
2. To request any documents required.

For any vehicle acquired and intended for export, the sum of € 35 exc. VAT (€ 42 with VAT) will be invoiced in addition to the indicated price and handling fees.

VPauto will not issue a certificate or attestation on the Community or non-Community origin of the vehicle(s) intended for export.
Documents justifying the export of the vehicle(s) must be submitted to VPauto within a maximum of 90 days after the date of sale.
After this period, the sale will be deemed to have been made in France and the VAT deposit, if applicable, will be paid to the French tax authorities.

transfer of ownership

VPAUTO SAS acts as agent for the seller of the property.

The transfer of ownership takes effect, in accordance with the law, after full payment and delivery of the property. This will not be taken up by VPauto for any reason whatsoever.

You must carry out the administrative procedures in case of registration of the purchased property. In parallel, details of the successful bidder will be forwarded to the SIV (vehicle registration system)

Right of withdrawal: principle: It is recalled here that in the case of public auctions, there is no right of withdrawal once the auction has taken place, for any reason whatsoever.

Right of withdrawal: online sale
When this sale is carried out without prior exhibition or without the presence of a physical public at the time of the auction, there is a right of withdrawal.

The successful bidder shall have a period of 15 calendar days from the day of delivery of the vehicle, bearing in mind that, given the specific features of auctions, delivery may not be made later than 3 working days from the date of the auction.

To exercise this right, the successful bidder must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to VPauto SAS, this letter expressing unambiguously their wish to withdraw and with the request enclosing their identification documents:

- Purchase invoice
- Copy of the grey card (vehicle registration document)
- Other documents handed over at the time of purchase
- Bank details
- Completed form (template attached below)

This right of withdrawal can only be fully exercised on condition that all the documents accompanying the vehicle at the time of the auction are returned at the latest at the same time as the vehicle is handed over.

The costs resulting from the return of the vehicle shall be borne by the successful bidder.

The vehicle must be returned in the state it was in on the date of acquisition and no later than fifteen days following the date of sending the registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

The costs of repairing the returned vehicle, if it has been damaged and/or involved in an accident or if a breakdown occurs as a result of misuse of the vehicle by the successful bidder, shall be borne by the successful bidder. In case of disagreement, an expert may be appointed by the parties.

If the mileage travelled by the vehicle exceeds one and a half times the total theoretical mileage between the point of delivery and the address of the successful bidder, the amount of the excess mileage will be invoiced at the price of one Euro including taxes per kilometre.

VPauto SAS will reimburse the successful bidder within seven calendar days following receipt of the vehicle, after deducting, if applicable, the various amounts related to the reconditioning costs and excess mileage costs.

Right of withdrawal: online sale with prior exhibition
Sales with prior exhibition or in the presence of the public, are not subject to the right of withdrawal.

technical check up and expert report

The technical check ups or "Expert Reports" performed by accredited centres are displayed on vehicles during the exhibition and can be viewed and downloaded on the website. Any refurbishment is at the expense of the Buyer, who must perform them and where necessary pass a follow-up inspection before registering the vehicle.

It is mandatory to read these documents before participating in the auction.
Any buyer is deemed to have read the technical check up or Expert Report.

VEHICLE WITH CRITICAL DEFECT(S): In the event of a critical defect, we strongly recommend removing the vehicle on a flatbed or a transporter.

non-operational vehicles

Vehicles sold in the "Non-Roadworthy" category are sold as is. These vehicles are not subject to technical check-up, expert report or road tests. They may contain undeclared or undetected faults. VPauto will not accept any claim regarding these vehicles.

insurance and guarantees

Availability of 24-HOUR insurance (third-party liability): see details of insurance offers
Insurance is mandatory to remove and drive the vehicle (article K324-1 of the French Highway Code and article L211-1 of the French Insurance Code).
For an on-site insurance subscription, only payments by check or cash are accepted.

For any information concerning Car Protection Services offers, contact the :

VPauto SAS

Voluntary Sales of Vehicles at Public Auctions
Registered office: 277 Rue de Kerpont. ZI de Kerpont. 56855 CAUDAN Cedex
Tel: - Fax:
Capital of 2,000,000 Euros-Approval: 2002.190
Intra-Community No.: FR66442496170


CGV Vente Judiciaire Sinequae

Withdrawal form template to be completed or copied

Cancellation of purchase (article L 221-18 and following of the Consumer Code)

I, the undersigned (Last name, First name) ....................................

Address ..............................................................................

Postcode ............... City ..........................

request the cancellation of my purchase referred to below and which I acquired as an individual:

Date of sale....................................

Vehicle registration .........................

Performed at .................. on ...........................


Withdrawal form to be completed, signed and sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt and accompanied by all the supporting documents specified in the General Conditions of Sale within 15 calendar days from the date of delivery.