Supplementary insurance in partnership with Roole

Services to protect your vehicle and your budget!

Roole protects your car against theft and takes over where your car insurance leaves off. By subscribing to this non-binding offer, benefit from coverage for costs not covered by your main car insurance.

129€ 1st year*

Essential guarantees and complete protection for your vehicle. Support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Franchise buyback / Repair assistance
600 €
Vehicle theft compensation
1000 € - 3 000 €
Key loss compensation
300 €
SOS allowed (loss of points)
250 €
Troubleshooting / towing 0 km
300 €
Driver and passenger assistance
300 € / person
Replacement vehicle
3d (15d flight)
Good mobility & hobbies
+ 1000 offers
*12€95 / month the following year

Included in the pack, the Roole innovation: the Rx Beacon!

Benefit from this connected theft protection solution.

  • Community tags connected to each other and to law enforcement
  • Geolocation and identification of stolen vehicles 24 hours a day
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