Learn about how we appraise your future vehicle

Arigorous check up of each vehicle before the sale

Buying a car when you're not a professional is a complex and risky process. To help you choose your new vehicle in complete confidence, VPauto implements control processes and very rigorous expertise procedures (some of which are exclusive and patented).

Technical analysis of the vehicle:

  • - Reception at the point of sale, exterior and interior description, mechanical inspection of the vehicle.
  • - Technical check up or Expert Report (by independent licensed professionals).
  • - Test Drive, to check the behaviour of the vehicle on the road.

Document and estimate management

  • - Vehicle authentication and verification of description (model, finishing, options ...).
  • - Verification of documents, pledges and conflicts.
  • - The technical expertise and administrative checks of the vehicle allow the team to correctly estimate its value. This estimate is the starting point for calculating the reserve price for the auction.

Pre-sale preparation

  • - Once the vehicle has been detailed and tested, it is washed and photographed.
  • - All documents are collected and posted on the vpauto.fr website.
  • - The day before the sale, the vehicle is numbered, tidied and all available information is displayed on the windscreen.

Our commitment: 100% TRANSPARENCY

In the second hand market, VPauto is the only professional to engage in objectively describing each vehicle, not forgetting to mention its weaker points!

Isn't it better to make an informed choice?

Read the Expert Report Understanding the technical check up

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle: that is the definition of transparency!