VPauto a leading company in the auction market

Historical Actor of the auction

VPauto specialises in selling vehicles at auction. It is directed by an auctioneer, François Laurent Guignard. Generator of ideas and natural leader, he has worked to popularise the auction concept to the general public since its inception.

Founded in 1982, the company has three points of sale (Lorient, Nantes, Rouen) and a logistics unit (Lyon).


Our strong points

  • - rigorous process
  • - unsurpassed knowledge of the used car market
  • - an excellent reputation
  • - 40 years experience
Our commitments

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • - 55,000 vehicles sold in 2021
  • - 450 million turnover in 2021
  • - 220 sales organised each year in sales rooms
  • - 180 online sales offered to auto professionals each month.
Our points of sale
7 4 8 7 3 1
vehicles sold
Vehicles sold since 1982 !

Our values:
Client Respect,
Transparency, Thoroughness