How to buy your car online

Purchase order and live sale: buy without leaving home

The purchase order

A purchase order is an offer you make through our website.
The award price may be lower than or equal to your offer, but never higher!
During the auction of the vehicle, the auctioneer represents you in front of other bidders. At the end of the sale, we inform you of the result.

We advise you to enter your maximum amount, to give you more chances to win the vehicle(s) you want. Your offer will stop as soon as you are the highest bidder.

Live picto Live VPauto

Bid from home with Live at the same time as the buyers in the sales room. Participation in Live is free and the system is totally secure!
You can also choose "Spectator" mode if you want to follow the auction without participating.

Submit a purchase order

  • 1. Create an account
  • 2. Select your vehicles
  • 3. Click on the "Enter purchase order" button to make your offer
  • 4. At the end of the sale you will receive an email informing you of the response to your bid and will be contacted by phone.

Live bid

  • - Join the Live app, accessible from the vehicle data sheet and via the main menu of the site
  • - Create an account / Sign in
  • - Fill in your banking details
  • - Click on the "Bid" button to make your bid
  • - Once the lot is closed you know immediately whether you have won the lot. An e-mail and a phone call will confirm your purchase.
Buy your car live on the Internet Simple, fast and safe!