Entrust us with the change of your registration certificate

Entrust us with the registration process at the time of your purchase

  • > Service without plate installation: €30 incl.
  • > Service with plate installation: € 55 incl.

LIST OF DOCUMENTS to be provided:

  • - Proof of identity (one per co-owner)
  • - Proof of vehicle insurance (certificate, green card)
  • - Owner's driving licence
  • - For companies: K-bis extract less than 6 months old
  • - Proof of address less than 6 months old

picto info You have one month to change your vehicle registration document.

  • rapide


    The new certificate will be sent to your address in a few days.
  • simple


    Submit your request at the time of sale or send us the items by email (or post). No need to travel.
  • pratique


    We can also change your licence plates.

Information from
or by email to [email protected]

Legal price of the registration document

The amount of the registration tax depends on the department where the holder of the vehicle registration document resides, the taxable power of the vehicle, the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, its age and also type of fuel. Our Carte Grises (vehicle registration) team will send you a cost estimate before beginning the process. You can use the Ministry's website to

simulate the cost of your new registration document:

Price simulator for your vehicle registration document

Under what circumstances is it necessary to change your vehicle's registration document?

  • picto achat Purchase of a vehicle
  • picto carte grise Damaged, lost or stolen registration document
  • picto domicile Change of address
  • picto statut matrimonial Change of marital status